Southern Moon Photography, LLC 2012 | About
About Who We Are and What We Do

Southern Moon Photography, LLC is a full service photographic needs provider. Our key focus is on quality photography and customer service excellence. To accommodate the varying photographic imaging needs of our clients we use several resources including, Background & Prop Sets, "Green Screen" technology, and on site printers. When choosing our equipment we put our emphasis on variety of use as well as longevity of the equipment itself. This ensures that whatever needs done we can do it. This opens us up to photographing everything from new born babies in their own home to senior graduation pictures in the field. We also have the ability to go on location and photograph large groups, animals or landscape. With experienced professionals, a winning attitude of cooperation, and a desire to provide a positive experience to our subjects there are many reasons Southern Moon Photography, LLC should be your first call for your photographic needs.

About Our Collections

We have a variety of collections specifically tailored to the varying photographic needs of our clients. Our collections are listed in detail on the collections page. We have collections for newborns, for animal photography, for general portraiture needs or for businesses. Each collection is designed to provide for the different needs associated with the collection. Additionally,we always have a Current Special Collection, which offer even more savings to our clients. These three collections are specially priced to celebrate our official launch as a corporate entity.

About Green Screen Technology

Most people are familiar with the weatherman/lady and understand that the reporter is on a blue or green "screen" and then transposed or placed digitally onto the scene that viewers see them on. Also most people are familiar with movies and television and understand that their favorite actor is not actually on the moon, but is instead filmed on a screen and then digitally placed into the scene. It is this same technology that we use only instead of using motion pictures we capture a single moment with a digital camera. We do not always use this form of photography, however when we do the possibilities for backgrounds and subject placement are virtually limitless. If a client wants to be on a background with the Planet Earth behind them, we can do that! However if a client prefers a more natural background we don't have to use the green screen. We chose to incorporate this modern technology into our system in an effort to avoid the typical limitations placed upon photographers who only have access to on location scenery or a few "stand alone" backgrounds.

About Our Team

Sarah Whitscell is our lead photographer. With experience in both studio and on site photography, and a
degree in Visual Communications, she is adept at working with both clients and technology to give you the
best possible photographs.

Patricia Hart is our office manager and assistant photographer. She is no stranger to a camera. She won
her first camera, a green plastic box camera, when she was only 5 years old and has seldom been without
a camera since.

Larry Hart is our customer service and loss prevention expert. He is in charge of making sure everyone
stays safe and happy. As a retired military NCO and retired law enforcement officer he is very good
at getting the job done.