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Jargon is a term which identifies technical language used by a specific industry among professionals in that industry.  Understanding Jargon is vital when learning about services that an organization offers.  This holds true for most industries, but especially so when looking to hire a photographer.  In this 4 part series we will look at Photography Jargon and explore the different things this Jargon refers to and how it applies to your photo session.


This time of year couples are looking to gift their special someone with something that is not only memorable but embodies what they feel towards that individual and relays that unique connection that they share.  Often times the perfect gift is not just a thing, but comes with an unspoken promise of what they are willing to do for that person.  Boudoir, or sensual photographic images, are the perfect gift for most people, as they incorporate all the above criteria for Valentine Gifting.  Unfortunately, few if any of us have that perfect Marilyn Monroe figure that we would like.  That is where enhancements come in handy.  An enhancement is anything that is done to your images (outside of basic editing) to make them better or stylize them to accomplish a certain look, feel or to match a specific theme.

Enhancement options can seem confusing for the subject who is unaware of what options they have.  A few examples of basic enhancements include Duo-toning such as Sepia or Black and White, Vignettes (a soft colored shadowing around the outside of image), Softening, Borders, Text inclusion, and Blemish Removal.  Of course, there are hundreds of others, but these are the most requested and utilized Enhancement Services in the Photographic Industry.

Uses for enhancements are seemingly as varied as the options are themselves.  Borders and text allow a person to incorporate a theme  or specific thought into a seemingly generic image.  Blemishes are on you, but they should not be seen as a part of you.  Softening and Blemish Removal help an individual bring attention to the best parts of the photograph and allow them to put their best foot forward by removing unwanted items such as acne, wrinkles, and rosacea.  Vignettes and Duo-toning are a great way to add a sense of whimsy to an image or create a classic (old-time) look that plain colored images often fall short of.  Any enhancement should be used towards a purpose.  They should all make the image more personalized and improve the overall emotional impact an image has on the viewer.

Grandma and Her Little ManGrandma and Her Little ManSepia coloring

No one enhancement is going to be perfect for all images or all subjects.  Talk to your photographer about what you want out of a session before you start.  Enhancements are most effective when the original shot is taken with the effect in mind.  With all today’s modern technology anything is truly possible.  If you don’t like the way your thighs look, no problem! A good Editing Professional can give you the figure you want without the sweat and hours in the gym.  When applied correctly enhancements are a great way to take your pictures over the top and, while this is great any time of the year, it is especially important for Boudoir pictures!  No matter who your Valentine is give your loved one the gift of YOU with great enhanced images from Southern Moon Photography, LLC!

Color SpottingColor SpottingEnhancement option applied to girl with hat

Be sure to look for your next Edition of this Newsletter to find out about more Photography Jargon.  The next edition will discuss the difference between Sheets and Prints.


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