Southern Moon Photography, LLC 2012 | Photography Definitions

Photography Definitions:  

IMAGES (also referred to as POSES or SHOTS) – these refer to each separate picture - each click of the camera’s shutter - taken by the photographer. It also refers to an IMAGE that has been edited in some way, but not yet printed and to IMAGES stored on a disk or other device such as a cell phone or iPad. Usually, though not always, IMAGES are stored as jpegs. For example, when you look at an IMAGE of your son on your computer it may be named Charlie.jpeg.

PICTURES – a very broad term referring to 1 single image, regardless of whether or not it’s been edited or whether or not it’s printed on paper. Each PICTURE will have its own unique name including a file type extension such as .jpeg or .gif.

PIXELS – the tiny dots of varying colors that are pieced together to form an image. The more dots there are the sharper and crisper the image will be. When an image is not composed of enough PIXELS to be sharp and clear at a particular size we often say the image has become PIXELATED.

MPG – refers to the number of pixels a camera or other device uses to form an image. Prints over about 5”x7” in size generally require the image to have been captured with a device using 12 MPG or greater to come out truly crisp and sharp. The MPG requirement increases as the print size increases.

PHOTO ENHANCEMENTS or (simply ENHANCEMENTS) - refer to changes made to the image after it’s captured by the camera. These are done before the image is printed. ENHANCEMENTS include edits such as color adjustments, blemish removal, smoothing, vignetting (adding a soft border around the edges of the image, usually in white or black) or adding borders or text. Cropping and minor color adjustments are also enhancements but are commonly done on a routine basis at no additional charge to the customer.

PRINTSimages that have been applied to some media such as paper or metal. PRINTS come in varying sizes and shapes. The most common sizes are wallets, 3.5x5s, 4x6s, 5x7s, 8x10s and 10x13s, although some smaller or larger and some custom sizes are readily available. PRINT sizes are measured in inches or cm. Thus a 5x7 print measures 5” by 7”.  Normally PRINTS are formatted as either landscape (horizontal orientation – wider and shorter) or portrait (vertical orientation – taller and skinnier).

SHEETS – generally refer to the paper, canvas or other flat media that images are printed on. SHEETS come in varying sizes and can hold varying numbers of prints. For example, here at Southern Moon Photography, LLC our most common sheet size is 8x10. An 8x10 SHEET can hold 1 8x10 print, 2 5x7 prints, 1 5x7 and 2 3.5x5 prints, 1 5x7 and 4 wallet sized prints, 4 3.5x5 prints or 8 wallet sized prints. We also use 5x7 SHEETS which can hold 1 5x7 print, 2 3.5x5 prints, . . . Get the idea?